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MiniLoveDoll Dolly

Steve Awesome has partnered with the folks from Mini Love Dolls to bring you the hottest silicone actress -- in a spinner-sized package! "This is the newest love doll technology featuring a scaled down product that is lighter, easier to store, inconspicuously shipped, easily moved and extremely durable," said Awesome. "The dolls are also available at a fraction of the price of full-sized love dolls." "Our new doll 'actresses' are composed of high-quality, platinum cure silicone that offers unparalleled softness as well as flexibility thanks to a specially designed articulated skeleton. We can make these dolls do anything a full-sized doll can do and with greater realism. You won't be able to tell the difference," claimed Awesome.


Tiny Tasia Simone Boy Toy Doll

Petite Tasia Teya Simone Doll (no relation to the 2005 era porn actress / escort from Seattle, WA) is actually a Summer 2009 face placed on our December boy toy doll Tila. Tiny Teya's eyes are cool blue and her hair is dishwater blonde. Her eyes are fixed, although we are able to adjust her neck and face to accommodate that. Tasia shares the same smoking petite body as Tila. As with Tila, if you're interested in purchasing a doll like Tasia Teya Simone, you can visit the manufacturer's site at BoyToyDolls.com.


Tila Teen Boy Toy Doll

Boy Toy Doll Tila Teen is the December 2008 model Boy Toy Doll of which only 31 were produced! Tila's eyes are a shocking shade of green and her original hair color is platinum blonde. Her anime look is unique to the Boy Toy Doll series. Her eyes are 100% movable although we sometimes prefer to shoot her with her eyes closed. She weighs roughly 85 pounds and is 4 feet 9 inches tall. Her breasts are definitely full D's however, so make no mistake that she's all woman! If you're interested in purchasing a doll like Tila Teen, ou can visit the manufacturer's site at BoyToyDolls.com.


Real Doll Stefanie

Our original realdoll Stefanie features head type 3 and body type 1. She usually wears her hair long medium blonde in style 1. She has blue eyes, tanned skin, wears slate eyeshadow and black eyeliner, and her fingernails are french manicured. If you are interested in purchasing a doll like Stefanie, you can visit the manufacturer's site at RealDoll.com. Stefanie is a similar model to Howard Stern's Real Doll that was delivered (and serviced) back in the K-ROCK days. Ever wonder what happened to the doll? This is the subject of wide speculation but the current belief is that it was taken home to a party where she was dismembered by Howard's party guests. The doll was originally presented to Howard as a gift by the manufacturer. The resulting media coverage by both Howard Stern and the mainstream media provided lots of information as well as speculation about what it was like to own a realdoll.

Howard Stern Real Doll & More

While many people may have heard about a RealDoll from the Howard Stern show or from another friend's visit to the manufacturer (Abyss Creations) site RealDoll.com, there's no doubt that there are always be more questions than answers. One of the most common RealDoll questions asked is if the doll feels REAL or not. The answer? Very real! The RealDoll site says you may heat the RealDoll to simulate body heat and this in fact works quite well. Combine putting baby powder on the silicon skin of the realdoll and the similarities to real human skin are amazing. The doll's weight is approximate to that of a real woman and therefore the simulation is even more accurate. Many RealDoll owners name their dolls after they order them. It can take from 3 to 6 months for a RealDoll to be customized and delivered. During this period, the traditional naming of the doll usually occurs. Stefanie was named after Steve Awesome's first ex-girlfriend. Clever, right? While Stefanie does not physically resemble her namesake, a little known fact is that the manufacturer can create a custom RealDoll to resemble, say, a famous celebrity or another person you know just by presenting the manufacturer with several photos. Obviously there's a sizable additional fee involved. There are obviously other uses for a realdoll besides the obvious sexual intentions. For example, the doll can be placed in front of a television and could effectively guard your house or apartment from intruders. Putting the doll in your bed or in some other visible location will most likely scare intruders away when they realize someone else is there. Most intruders prefer to enter a house when nobody is there in an attempt to avoid confrontations. Other uses, while not entirely legal, could include using your realdoll to get into the HOV lane of the freeway. We don't recommend doing this, by the way, but it would make an interesting prank nevertheless.

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